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Why Learning Sight Words is Important

  I think that it is very important that parents and teachers of reading embrace the idea that the more strategies a beginning reader has, the faster the learning process will be. To quote from the Journal of Educational Research: The most convincing rationale for teaching sight words is that if they are well selected they will, …Related Posts:All About Learning Sight WordsHow To Memorize Spelling WordsMaking and Choosing the Right Books for a Beginning [...]


Phonics vs. Sight Words

Should sight words be exclusively taught above phonics? I see the importance of these base words being learned by repetition, but my son’s K-5 teachers ONLY use sight words. My son had been working with me at home with phonics for over a year, but we stopped for a month when school began. It wasn’t …Related Posts:Apps that Help Kids with GSPAll About Learning Sight WordsHelping Your Child Transition from Easy Readers to Chapter BooksTales [...]


All About Learning Sight Words

I was wondering if you have suggestions for helping a student in the first grade learn sight words.  My son’s teacher sent home quite a long list of words that he needs to be able to read and write before the end of the year.  We have been practicing some of them and I am …Related Posts:Apps that Help Kids with GSPWhy Learning Sight Words is ImportantPhonics vs. Sight WordsHow To Memorize Spelling WordsMaking and [...]

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