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Guest Post: SAT vs. ACT: What’s the Difference (And Why Should I Care?)

Guest Post By: Paul Thompson PSAT. SAT. PLAN. ACT. It’s like somebody dropped a box of Scrabble, only the resulting mess determines what colleges you’ll get into. It might feel like you’ve already taken every single permutation of The Standardized Test that life has to offer, but understanding the differences between the SAT and ACT might …Related Posts:College Entrance Exams: Raising Scores College Entrance Exams: Raising Scores SIMPLE WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR STUDYING HABITSSAT StrategiesHow [...]


Setting the Stage to Raise a Reader

Guest Post by: Dawn Little Links to Literacy It has been said that the most critical years of a child’s life is the first five.  This is the time when one does the most growing; physically, mentally, and emotionally.  If you think about it, the foundation is set in these first five years.  And parents are the …Related Posts:Helping Your Child Transition from Easy Readers to Chapter BooksTales From 1st GradeApps that Help Kids with [...]


How to Visit a College Campus

Guest Post By: Erika Coplon Visiting college campuses is a key step in finding the school that is the best match for your teen.  Nothing can compare to walking on a campus, sitting in a classroom, meeting with professors, and talking to students about their particular experiences.  In order to maximize your time spent on campus, …Related Posts:Top 10 List of What College Admissions Officers are Looking ForDos and Don’ts in Writing College Application EssaysHow [...]


Should Teachers use Social Media in the Classroom?

Guest Post By: Brian Jenkins Some experts believe the classroom should reflect the world kids live in today. They believe that by incorporating highly popular social media websites into the coursework, kids will enjoy the learning process and learn more. Because technology has become such an integral part of the lives of today’s students, kids demand …Related Posts:No Related Posts Found


Use the Telephone & Improve Relationships with Parents & Students

Guest Post by Zeb Welborn During my first year as a teacher, I was struggling with classroom management issues.  Many students seemed dissinterested and a handful of students caused consistent discipline problems.  As a High School teacher, I used a lot of different techniques to improve classroom behavior, increase motivation and develop communication between myself, parents …Related Posts:Talking to Teachers About Disabilities and IllnessThree Tips for Successful Teacher-Parent ConferencesFive Great Conferences for Teachers in 2012How [...]


Top 10 List of What College Admissions Officers are Looking For

Guest Post by Erika Coplon Now that the fall semester has come to a close, it’s the ideal time for juniors and their families to map out a game plan for the college search and admissions process.  With Early Decision programs on the rise, the need is greater than ever to start early and carefully research …Related Posts:Dos and Don’ts in Writing College Application EssaysHow to Succeed in an Online SchoolClassroomtalk: College Roomate Guide8 Tips [...]


Choosing a Non-Fiction Book

Guest Post by Lori Ferguson Kids are by nature curious…who hasn’t made a remark to a child only to be met with the quizzical “WHY?!”  Their young minds are growing and the “what, why and how” of things are perpetual sources of fascination. So why not harness that energy and enrich their minds with a …Related Posts:Helping Your Child Transition from Easy Readers to Chapter BooksTales From 1st GradeApps that Help Kids with GSP4th Graders [...]

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