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A Home Made Lunch is Not Necessarily a Healthy Lunch

As I walk through the cafeteria each day at school I am often amazed by the home made lunches I see.  A lot of parents obviously feel that a lunch made at home is better than one purchased at school, but sadly this is often not the case.  Busy schedules and an unawareness of proper …Related Posts:Helping Your Child Transition from Easy Readers to Chapter BooksThe 10 School Supplies Your Child NeedsTalking to Teachers About [...]


If Teachers Graded Parents

            I’m The Proud Child of An Honor Role Parent  Recently, Florida State Representative Kelli Stargel proposed a bill which calls for teachers to assess and grade Pre-K through 3rd grade parents.  Trust me, most parents know without my telling them what their grades are.  The parents that I do speak to are never pleased, and …Related Posts:No Related Posts Found


Holiday Letter to My Student

Dear Ocean Breeze, As you know it’s that time of year again – December.  You and many of your classmates have been asking me a lot of questions this week that I just can’t answer.  It’s not because I don’t want to, but I’ve been asked not to.  When you asked if Santa was real, I …Related Posts:No Related Posts Found


Turn off the Video Games!

 I read an article recently which reported that when given a choice between playing inside or outside, a young boy explained that he chose inside, “because that’s where all the electrical outlets are.”  How sad that videogames have won our kids’ attention over activities in which they interact with other children in an active setting …Related Posts:No Related Posts Found

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