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Four Facts of Life For High School Students

  I recently was talking to a group of young adults about what they might advise students beginning high school.  Here are some of their tips for making high school a positive experience.   1. Be nice.  Really, be friendly with everybody.  You’d be amazed how the people from your past have a way of turning up after …Related Posts:How to Write an Essay ExamDos and Don’ts in Writing College Application EssaysEssay writing tipsHow to [...]


One Way to Save $50,000 a Year in College Costs

Parents of high school students can save thousands of dollars in college costs if their child takes AP (advanced placement) courses in high school. If your child has the ability to take an AP class and pass the national subject area AP exam, they should go for it. Besides the fact that colleges …Related Posts:Radio Interview with Maggie:How to Save up to $50,000 in College CostsTop 10 List of What College Admissions Officers are Looking [...]


College Prep for a High School Junior

My daughter is a high school junior and attends a large public high school. She is a good student but I’m worried that with only two guidance counselors for the whole school, she won’t get the help she needs applying to college. How can I help her? You have asked a great question at a perfect …Related Posts:Dos and Don’ts in Writing College Application EssaysHow to Succeed in an Online School8 Tips Every H.S. Graduate [...]

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