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Earth Day Project Make a Globe


This is a fun project for 1st-6th  grade. The age of the child will determine how much adult help they will need. I made the mistake of letting each of my 24 1st graders make their own. Next year the class will make one as a group. This is a great Earth Day Project but you …Related Posts:Fantastic Fairy Houses


Works of Art Calendar

classroomtalk pictures 078

This 12 month calendar is a great holiday gift for parents. The artwork can be 12 simple pictures or you can have the children create different types of art for a greater variety of work. Some of my favorites are: a self portrait, collage, crayon resist, watercolors, string painting,marble painting, golf ball painting, sponge or …Related Posts:What Makes Kindergarten Teachers Crazy?Three very simple steps to help your young child’s writing:Improving Handwriting at Home


Sponge Insects: Crafts for Kids


These insects are a fun way to recycle and reuse old sponges. Adults will need to cut out the sponge shapes. Kids can build their insects using toothpicks,pipe cleaners and odds and ends you have at home. Related Posts:10 Outdoor Activities To Do With KidsThree Fun and Educational Things to do with Your Kids this SummerPuzzle Piece Frame Hand Print Potholder: An Easy Parent Gift


Ideas for Teachers/Parents

Robot Picture

If you’re a teacher out there with a unique idea that you use in your classroom, please share it at    I’d like to get an elementary, middle school and high school page going. Thanks for reading!  Maggie Robot Unit My primary unit on robots is a class favorite every year.  The “engineers” in my class design …Related Posts:Three Tips for Successful Teacher-Parent ConferencesYouTube and Teaching Go Hand in Hand Hand Print Potholder: An Easy [...]

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