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Traveling With Infants and Toddlers

On a recent flight back to Florida from Rhode Island I was seated near two miserable parents and one very cranky six month old. It occurred to me that many new parents must not have a support system to give them advice as they tackle the challenges of being a new parent. Here are three tips …Related Posts:No Related Posts Found


Three very simple steps to help your young child’s writing:

1) For proper hand placement, put a piece of masking tape around the lower portion of the pencil where the child should grip it. If needed, put dots with a permanent marker on the tape to show where each finger should go. Of course when the pencil is sharpened, you’ll have to move or replace …Related Posts:Improving Handwriting at HomeYouTube and Teaching Go Hand in HandHow to Engage StudentsStory Tellers: Telling Stories Around the HouseWorks [...]


The Right Age for Preschool

At what age should I send my child to preschool? Ordinarily age three is the ideal time to start preschool. Children at this age are ready to expand their social horizons and are developmentally ready to take part in activities which require patience and cooperation. Parents of two year olds are better off saving their money …Related Posts:How to Engage Students A Home Made Lunch is Not Necessarily a Healthy Lunch Great Educational Gifts For [...]


“Accidents” in kindergarten

My soon to be kindergartner still has “accidents.”  What should I do when I send him to school? V.S. Atlanta, GA. I’m assuming that you’ve already discussed the problem with your son’s pediatrician.  I’d suggest that you pack an emergency change of clothes (shoes and socks too) and wipes in his backpack.  You should let the teacher …Related Posts:No Related Posts Found

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