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Setting the Stage to Raise a Reader

Guest Post by: Dawn Little Links to Literacy It has been said that the most critical years of a child’s life is the first five.  This is the time when one does the most growing; physically, mentally, and emotionally.  If you think about it, the foundation is set in these first five years.  And parents are the …Related Posts:Helping Your Child Transition from Easy Readers to Chapter BooksTales From 1st GradeApps that Help Kids with [...]


Traveling With Kids

It’s that …Related Posts:Three Fun and Educational Things to do with Your Kids this SummerFantastic Fairy HousesBoston: One of My Favorite Cities10 Tips for Surviving the Family Reunion With Kids4th Graders Review of Secrets of the Crystal Cavern


How Often Should I Correct My Child’s Writing?

My son who is three and a half is all about writing now.  He is constantly writing but reverses letters and numbers.  I know it is developmental but my question is do I correct him and if so how often?  I think it’s wonderful that he is at this experimental stage as an emerging writer.  Of …Related Posts:No Related Posts Found


Puzzle Words to Help Teach Your Child the Alphabet

   When helping your child learn the letters of the alphabet, begin with the lower case letters.  An easy activity game is to make a puzzle name tag.   Write each letter of your child’s name on a separate index card.  Use lower case letters except for the first letter of his name. Mix the cards up and lay …Related Posts:Tips for the First Day of SchoolFive Online Math Games to Build Your Kindergartener’s Skills [...]


Learning Math and Science Through Cooking

  Besides everyday “practical” lessons such as household safety and food handling, young children that spend time in the kitchen begin to develop a whole set of math and science skills before they even reach elementary school. In helping a parent cook, children can learn about measurement, fractions, weight and volume to name a few skills. …Related Posts:No Related Posts Found


Calming First Day of School Jitters

SEPARATION ANXIETY  Every fall the scene repeats itself, a lone child screaming and inconsolable, every day for the first few weeks of school. Not only is that child deeply distressed, but he disrupts the teacher and increases the anxiety of all of his classmates as they too attempt to adjust to this new situation. For your …Related Posts:No Related Posts Found


My Three Favorite Dr. Seuss Books

Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss! On March 2nd many children celebrated the great works of Dr. Seuss. Here are my three favorite Dr. Seuss books: 1. The Cat in the Hat 2. Green Eggs and Ham 3. Oh, the Places You’ll Go! ( I love to give this book as a gift for graduations.  It’s perfect for all ages!)Related Posts:No Related Posts Found

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