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How to Succeed in an Online School

Guest Post By Allison Foster Online education offers students a flexible way to enhance their academic learning outside of the regular classroom. While the popularity of online classes initially began in the college setting, more public and private school systems are beginning to utilize online education in their programs from kindergarten through high school as …Related Posts:Dos and Don’ts in Writing College Application Essays8 Tips Every H.S. Graduate Should Know Before Heading to College25 iPad [...]


Social Media as a Teaching Tool

Guest Post By Stacey Anderson As the world changes, teachers have to adjust their teaching methods to get through to their students. Every generation brings out a new set of instructing obstacles, especially with the recent growth of technology. If you’re aiming to be a “cool” teacher, or at least a relevant one, you might want to look into using …Related Posts:25 iPad Apps Changing College PrepHow to Write an Essay ExamDos and Don’ts in [...]


Apps that Help Kids with GSP

Guest Post By:  Kate Croston Grammar spelling, and punctuation (more commonly referred to as GSP) are quickly becoming extinct in today’s world of texting, tweeting, and all around internet shorthand that focuses on getting a message across with as few characters as possible. However that doesn’t mean that we need to stop teaching kids about GSP, it just means we …Related Posts:Phonics vs. Sight WordsAll About Learning Sight WordsHelping Your Child Transition from Easy Readers [...]


The 40 Best iPad Apps for Young Learners

Guest Post by Jasmine Hall The best way to get your parents to buy you expensive gadgets has always been to really sell the educational value. “But Mom, if you buy me a Nintendo, think about how much my spelling will improve playing Wheel of Fortune.” Of course, these days it’s all about the iPad. For every Angry Birds there’s …Related Posts:The 10 Most Common Teacher Complaints Against iBooksPuppets: A Fresh Approach to Storytelling Social [...]


Top 7 iPad Apps for Teachers

Guest Post By:Maria Rainier With more and more consumers tapping into the iPad app market, there are various different iPad apps that have been created specifically for teachers who are hoping to integrate their favorite new technological device into their classrooms. As a matter of fact, there are numerous different apps that could not only make educating …Related Posts:25 iPad Apps Changing College Prep

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