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Making and Choosing Books for a Beginning Reader

My son is in the first grade.  He is bringing home little books to practice reading.  He seems to be able to read these books.  I went to our small local book store to look for the same type of book to buy him for Christmas and also just to get him extra books for …Related Posts:No Related Posts Found


How to Keep Your Child Reading this Summer

A great way to keep your child interested in reading over the summer is to start a book club.  It can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose.  Parents should read the book selections first and outline some thoughtful questions that the kids can discuss. For younger readers questions should be simpler: Who? …Related Posts:Not Your Average Summer Reading ListClassroom Talk Summer Reading 2013!4th Graders Review of Secrets of the Crystal CavernBook Review [...]


Helping Your Child Transition from Easy Readers to Chapter Books

My daughter is in grade 2.  She is a good reader but we have a problem.  Many of her friends are now reading chapter books.  She wants to read them too but seems to be very nervous when she brings one home.  I am sure that that she can read them but I don’t know …Related Posts:Five Ways to Motivate ReadersReading Comprehension for Eight to Twelve Year OldsThe 10 School Supplies Your Child NeedsTalking to [...]


Not Your Average Summer Reading List

School is out and summer vacation can be a time when skills slip a little.  If you focus on activities that are fun and fit a more relaxed schedule, you can keep your blossoming readers reading without burn out. Two of the most important things that you can do to keep reading skills sharp during the …Related Posts:How to Keep Your Child Reading this SummerClassroom Talk Summer Reading 2013!Book Review The Emerald Atlas by John [...]


How to Encourage a Struggling Learner

Guest Post By: David Morgan   Learning to read can be one of life’s most stressful events for a child. For some children, picking up phonics and spelling seems like second nature. For others, the reading process sparks long-lasting low confidence and a chronic distaste for schoolwork. Parents often find it difficult to know how to build up self-confidence in a …Related Posts:Five Ways to Motivate ReadersHelping Your Child Transition from Easy Readers to Chapter [...]


Apps that Help Kids with GSP

Guest Post By:  Kate Croston Grammar spelling, and punctuation (more commonly referred to as GSP) are quickly becoming extinct in today’s world of texting, tweeting, and all around internet shorthand that focuses on getting a message across with as few characters as possible. However that doesn’t mean that we need to stop teaching kids about GSP, it just means we …Related Posts:Phonics vs. Sight WordsAll About Learning Sight WordsHelping Your Child Transition from Easy Readers [...]


Story Tellers: Telling Stories Around the House

Guest Post by Dawn Little Storytelling: The art of creating and sharing a narrative orally or through writing.   Storytelling has been around for centuries; oral stories were often committed to memory and passed down from generation to generation.  Later, people began writing down stories and passing them to the next generation.  Storytelling is a fun and …Related Posts:YouTube and Teaching Go Hand in Hand Five Ways to Read with Your ToddlerWant to Keep Your Child [...]

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