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Teacher Trouble

  My 9 year old has always been in the “smarter” classes for his grade, always student of the month good citizenship and frankly the teachers pet. last year 3rd grade he had a young teacher whose communications with us were extremely lacking even though we tried, he made it through the year and we were …Related Posts:Three Tips for Successful Teacher-Parent ConferencesIdeas for Teachers/Parents 10 Ways to Tick Off Your Child’s TeacherPhonics vs. Sight [...]


10 Tips For A Successful Parent/Teacher Conference

1. Bring a written list of questions that you may have about classroom procedures, homework, grading, etc. 2. Stay on topic. The conference is set up so you can discuss your child’s progress with the teacher. You shouldn’t get into a discussion about your child’s siblings academics, or your personal life …Related Posts:No Related Posts Found


Retention: A Gift of Time

   It’s that time of year when some parents will be hearing the words that they just don’t want to hear, “Your child needs to be retained and repeat the school year.”  For most it shouldn’t be a surprise.  The teacher has mentioned in conferences, phone calls and notes home that the student is working below …Related Posts:When Your Child Needs to be Retained


Phonics vs. Sight Words

Should sight words be exclusively taught above phonics? I see the importance of these base words being learned by repetition, but my son’s K-5 teachers ONLY use sight words. My son had been working with me at home with phonics for over a year, but we stopped for a month when school began. It wasn’t …Related Posts:Apps that Help Kids with GSPAll About Learning Sight WordsHelping Your Child Transition from Easy Readers to Chapter BooksTales [...]


My son says his teacher hates him

My fourth grade son hates his new class and says the teacher doesn’t like him. He doesn’t want to go to school in the morning saying that he doesn’t have any friends. Should I ask the principal for a new teacher? His best friend that he has been in class with for the past 2 …Related Posts:Talking to Teachers About Disabilities and IllnessThree Tips for Successful Teacher-Parent ConferencesFive Great Conferences for Teachers in 2012Use the [...]

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