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A Time & Place For Homework

All too often teachers hear excuses from children for all the reasons that their homework isn’t done.  Ideally homework is assigned to practice new skills that have been learned during the school day.   Homework should be given for an age appropriate amount of time and shouldn’t be considered as “busy work.”  Here are a few tips …Related Posts:Tips for the First Day of SchoolHelping Your Child Transition from Easy Readers to Chapter BooksThe 10 School [...]


Back to School: Morning Routines

                                                          Morning Routines   After a long lazy summer most parents are wondering how they are ever going to get their school age children back into the routine of getting up and out of the house for school.  Here are a few tips for an easier transition.   Two weeks before school starts (or as soon as possible if …Related Posts:No Related Posts Found


Helping Your Child With A Research Report

    My third grade daughter loves school and works hard.  She does well once she gets familiar with a task and understands the expectations, but new tasks are difficult for her.  At this time in the school year she has now been given a new task.  She has to write a report and is very excited  because …Related Posts:No Related Posts Found


Top 10 New Years Resolutions for Parents

1. Get to school on time. If school starts at 8 am its starts at 8 am. Children that are even five minutes late miss important directions and interrupt others that have gotten to school on time. 2. Check to see if your child has homework. Then make sure that they do it. Then check …Related Posts:No Related Posts Found


How can I help my child not be so messy?

My daughter is so unorganized! Last year in 1st grade I kept getting notes from the teacher about missing homework that I never knew about. How can I help her get off to a better start in 2nd grade? Organization is really a skill that needs to be taught and there are tools that can help …Related Posts:No Related Posts Found

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