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Five Online Math Games to Build Your Kindergartener’s Skills

Guest Post By: Catie Keeler   The internet makes it simple to find resources that reinforce the math skills your kindergartener is learning in the classroom. Printable worksheets, interactive assessments and games are everywhere. Of course, games are the most fun, so in the spirit of both fun and learning, here are five free online games that can help your child …Related Posts: Five Ways to Read with Your Toddler A Home Made Lunch is [...]


Help Your Child with Geometry

Learning the proper term for solid shapes at an early age gives your child a head start in geometry.  It’s very simple to teach them some proper names. Call a can a cylinder. Call dice or square boxes a cube. A CD case or a cereal box is a rectangular prism. A  ball or a globe is a sphere. A cone shape at the …Related Posts:No Related Posts Found


Three Easy Ways to Get Your Preschooler on the Path to Algebraic Thinking

Learning how to classify, sort and form patterns at an early age gives a child a jump start in math before they even enter elementary school.  Here are three easy activities that you can do together at home. 1.  Sorting.  Let your child help out by sorting laundry, for example, matching and pairing socks by size …Related Posts:Hand Print HeartWhat Makes Kindergarten Teachers Crazy? Five Ways to Read with Your ToddlerWhen Your Child Needs to [...]

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