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Talking to Teachers About Disabilities and Illness

My daughter has JRA (Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis) and has flare ups form time to time that make normal school activities like writing, participating in PE or carrying her backpack much harder for her. We’ve had to deal with plenty of school absences, surprise doctors’ appointments and everything else that goes along with having a kid …Related Posts:How to Engage StudentsAdvice about talking to teachers about disabilities/illnessHelping Your Child Transition from Easy Readers to Chapter BooksThe [...]


Puppets: A Fresh Approach to Storytelling

photo (2)
photo (2)

                                                                                                                                    PUPPETS! Puppets can be a great way to encourage children to invent stories. You can purchase them or make sock or paper bag puppets at home. Your local library should have some interesting craft books on a variety of puppets that kids can create. Use a large box to make and decorate a puppet theater, or …Related Posts:What Makes Kindergarten Teachers Crazy?The 40 Best iPad Apps for Young Learners Paint Me a Poem: Poems Inspired [...]


How to Write an Essay Exam

The most effective tips on writing an essay exam Guest Post By Lois Weldon Are you one of the many students who are wildly hoping to avoid the overly-demanding essay exams? I am truly sorry, but that isn’t likely to happen, as you will definitely find yourself taking an exam that isn’t solely based on multiple choice answers, but demands …Related Posts:Essay writing tipsDos and Don’ts in Writing College Application EssaysHow to Succeed in an [...]


Turning Your Backyard into a PE Playground

 Useful Tips for Home School Families Guest Post By Jay Harris Homeschooling can be both a blessing and a challenge – and P.E. is the perfect example.  On one hand, you have the freedom to provide your children with the exercise they so earnestly need and crave; on the other, you may lack the funds, space, or expertise to effectively make …Related Posts:10 Outdoor Activities To Do With Kids


Classroom Talk Summer Reading 2013!

We love reviewing books here at Classroom talk, but this summer, we’d like to try something new: we want you (and your children) to be the reviewer.  Below are some suggestions to get you started, but we’d love to hear what you’re reading this summer and what you think of it. Post a comment with your …Related Posts:Fantastic Fairy HousesHow to Keep Your Child Reading this SummerNot Your Average Summer Reading ListThe Apothecary by Maile [...]


Dos and Don’ts in Writing College Application Essays

Guest Post By Meaghan I. Read the instructions for the essay carefully, and make sure you read each question twice before answering. Touch upon every point that the question asks for, and do not be afraid to spend a few days on your essay as you perfect it. Here are a group of dos and don’ts …Related Posts:How to Succeed in an Online School8 Tips Every H.S. Graduate Should Know Before Heading to College25 iPad [...]


Five Reasons Tweens and Teens Have Problems Making and Keeping Friends

Guest Post By Agnes Jimenez There is nothing worse than watching your child struggle in school whether they are having problems academically or socially. Although it is usually fairly easy for parents to help their child improve their grades, it is much more difficult for them to help their child make and keep friends. Before parents …Related Posts:Talking to Teachers About Disabilities and IllnessDon’t Let Your Child Be A Compulsive EaterHow to Handle the Class [...]

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