Tales From 1st Grade

Tales From 1st Grade

I’ve decided to mix it up a bit and share my day with you.
Names have been changed to protect the innocent and let me add that I like to
exaggerate a bit from time to time. All facts on this page are probably not
true. Life is funny, kids are sometimes funny and I often find that I can’t
stop smiling during my days in 1st grade and that’s a good thing. So I’d like
to share some of my many moments with you. Please let me know how you like it.
If you’re a teacher with a tale of a good
or unique day please send it to me through and I’ll  add it to my blog.

1. Note from a parent: “Johnny swallowed a marble. Can
you please look for it?”

2. Question from a 1st grade girl to the teacher:
“What’s it like living life in high heels?”

3. Serious student
writing “nonfiction : “You should never take a raccoon to the


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  • LOL! I love the one where the parent asks the teacher to look for the marble the kid *swallowed*. Uh, NO. :-)

    Thanks for sharing!

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