Do You Know What’s Playing on Your Child’s iPod?

My kids are going around the house all day singing the song “I Got That Boom Boom Pow” by the Black Eyed Peas.  Is  there  anything wrong with that?

I’d heard parts of this song on the radio and when I saw this question, it started playing on repeat in my head. It’s such a catchy tune that it was near impossible to get out of my mind.  The chorus keeps repeating itself, “ I got that Boom Boom Pow… I got that natural style”. I went to bed and kept waking up on the hour at 2, 3 and 4 am with that song playing in my head and disturbing my dreams, “I got that Boom Boom Pow… I got that natural style.”   When I dragged myself out of bed in the morning it was still playing between my ears as I brushed my teeth and got ready for work,  ”I Got That Boom Boom Pow… .”

When I looked it up online, it surprised me that there were two versions of the song. The “clean” version and the official version. I listened to both and trust me,  you wouldn’t want your 10 year old saying, much less singing, the original lyrics that contain a certain four  letter word frequently! Since then, I’ve found that there are several versions of the song and video. Some of them are appropriate for younger children and some are better suited to teenagers or adults. Who knew that there were so many choices? All this got me to thinking, are parents listening to what’s on their child’s iPod?  It’s probably time to give a listen and check in on what type and quality of music they are listening to. Without a doubt your teenagers may find the original version cooler than the cleaned up version. Which one do you want them listening to? Music has a subtle way of influencing who we are and how we see ourselves, this is especially true for tweens and teens. Elementary age children want to be that teenager. So please tune in and find out What that Boom Boom Pow is all about.

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  • my kids are younger, 10 and 8. it is very easy to get an explicit version of a song when downloading form itunes. i have made it a point to have this discussion with both kids no explicit songs and i will know if it is downloaded. i don’t allow file sharing and each kid has their own itunes account only tied to gift cards. both still have to wish list what they want and then i approve or disapprove and buy from their account. it is a shame more parents don’t educate themselves and their kids about issues such as these. i guess if we claim we don’t know then we don’t have to be responsible. nice post.

  • I agree with you. As parents, we’ve got to pay attention to the things our kids are not only listening to but what they are watching on tv, what they are doing on computers, and the list goes on. And I know some parents worry about their kids thinking they don’t trust them, but my mom used to say there was no doubt that she trust her children, she simply didn’t trust everyone else.

  • As a teacher of children aged 5 to 11 and a parent of three boys aged 8 to 13, I have to agree with you. The lyrics may be ‘cool’ if you are 19 (or 9 and want to be 22) but they aren’t cool if you’re 5 and singing them aloud in the playground or street. Along with “rights” come ‘responsibilities’. If the song writer takes no ‘responsibilty’ then they have no ‘rights’. Same goes for all of us. (Me too, me first).

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