Easy Learning Games Using Magnetic Letters

Every family with preschool and primary age children should have a set of magnetic letters on their refrigerator.  They are a fun and easy teaching tool.  Here are a few activities for preschoolers:

1)   Make the names of people and animals in the family.

2)  Sort upper and lower case letters.  Pair and match upper and lower case letters.

 3)  Sort letters by color.

 4)  Put the letters in alphabetical order while singing the ABC song.

5)  Make simple words.  Copy environmental print such as cereal names off  boxes.

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  • Great ideas! We use magnetic letters in the preschool classroom as well. We have a basket permanently in the writing area, as well as a basket of wooden letters. We bring them outside at times and the kids love putting them up on the magnetic surfaces there – the downpipes and poles on the verandah are popular. Or we put them out with baking trays.

  • I taught first grade for several years. I just went to my teaching supply tubs and pulled out the magnetic letters. Luckily one side of our fridge is magnetic.

  • There are several iPod/iPad apps that offer a set of virtual magnetic letters. Great addition to the real thing.

  • Fantastic article post.Really thank you! Fantastic.

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