Ways To Raise a Writer

Ways to Raise a Writer:

 If you want your child to write, motivate him with a designated area and his own special tools and materials.  Put together a “Writer’s Box” with the items listed below and designate a quiet place with a good solid writing surface somewhere in the house as, “The Writer’s Corner.” 

 Stock the Box and/or Corner with items such as:

 1)  Markers, crayons, colored pencils and pens (kids love writing in pen probably because they never get the chance);

 2)  Note pads, accounting tape, a variety of paper, recycled cards, envelopes, old magazines, scissors and glue (to cut out and paste letters);

 3)  White board and dry erase markers and stencils;

 4)  Sheets of paper stapled together to make books out of, and;

 5)  A list of sight words to help inspire the writing process and a picture dictionary.



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  • The best way to get your child to be a writer is for him/her to see you writing often.

  • A stack of 3 x 5 cards, for simply jotting words or thoughts, is helpful for “putting something down on paper” when no whole thought occurs. Also, those cards can be useful reminders.

  • I have never heard of a picture dictionary before but that is exactly what we need!! My 6 yo wants a desk for her bday, the dictionary is a great add-on.

  • Wow, great ideas!! Thanks for sharing these tips.

  • An excellent program to teach youngster how to form letters and numbers using 8 beginning strokes, preschool through grade 5, with cursive starting in grade 3. Written by an Early Childhood Special Ed Teacher. It just plain works!!

  • These are great. Our kids, (5 and 3) use all of this stuff and gravitate towards it. The dedicated area is the entire first floor. :)

  • Be sure to read lots of quality childrens literature to your child. Start your child’s own personal library, including bookplates. When you read to your children they get the rhythm of writing in their heads.

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