Ways to Raise a Reader:

1.Read aloud every day to your child. 

2. Be a reader yourself.  Children learn from what they see. 

3.  Make reading a special time; get excited about the new books and illustrators that are out there. 

4.  Find special author’s to follow whose work you both like.

5.  Go to the library, book store or start a book club/swap for children your child’s age.

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  • Thanks for your site and the information to assist parents! I thought you might want to stop by at my blog to view the information I post for families. It is an early literacy blog containing information, activities and book reviews. It’s always fun to find new sites that promote reading!

  • Great list! Thanks for sharing.

  • I believe that reading to children is essential. I began reading to my kids when they were still growing inside me and continued when they came out – we love to read around here :)

  • I’ve always read to my children too. Now that they are 7 and 5 they read to me, which is lovely, and also read to their little cousins. I would add to the list that all sorts of reading is OK – my daughter likes encyclopaedias and anything factual – my son likes reading recipes and anything containing lists, rules or instructions. We also love reading road signs and maps.

  • Great tips for instilling love of reading. May I also suggest reading with the telephone game. Use a tube or hose, one reads and another listens, exchange and take turn reading. Great fun and great for listening skills too.

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  • Did all those things with our son and as a high schooler now, he still hates reading & has to be forced to do reading assignments and never reads for pleasure. I think you either inherently love reading or you don’t. I’m an avid reader, so is my spouse. Our son isn’t.

  • Great tips that I can pass along! Have a two-year-old granddaughter who is loving the books we read, and I can see her reading on her own someday.
    BTW in tip #4, authors is plural — so no apostrophe needed!

  • I raised five readers. And I wanted to add our experience too.

    We followed all of your tips above. And we took the Love and Logic approach to bedtime. No bedtime – don’t panic! We gave the kids a choice, they could either go to bed at X pm [make sure it's early enough that they're not tired yet!]or they could read in their rooms with the light on. No radio’s, no t.v.’s. no computers, no video games, not even the handle-held kind. Guess what? Everyone of them chose to read for at least an hour before bed.

    Great topic.

  • This is so important! Thanks for posting. These days kids need convincing that reading is worthwhile because they are flooded with bright, flashy entertainment from every corner.

  • What a valuable way to spent time with the kids. Is still one of our favourite parts of the day – stories before bed. Portable devices are making it challenging for kids to differentiate between time spent reading and time spent “playing” when we think about modeling reading as parents.

  • Great to see you encouaging reading ! You might find intereresting the list of books read by an early Arizona schoolteacher from 1913-1916. It is rather amazing. She had no telephone, no internet, no TV , no bathroom, but oh did she have books. She read Browning on the banks of Oak Creek to a young cowboy and he fell in love with her. True story taken from my grandmothers letters and journals. The list of books she read is included as a “tidbit” on my website http://www.barbaraannewaite.com. The book, “Elsie-Adventures of an Arizona Schoolteacher 1913-1916″ is on Amazon both as print and e-book.

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