Children that don’t read over the summer usually regress and return to school at a lower reading level in the fall.  Here are 10 easy ways to keep your child reading.


1.  Go to the library once a week and let your child pick out a pile of books that will last a week.


2.  Let them read almost anything they like.  Comic books for example can be relaxing and fun for a change.


3.  Let your child subscribe to one or more age and subject appropriate magazines that interest him or her.  Among the many that are written for specific ages include Sports Illustrated Kids, Ranger Rick, Nickelodeon, American Girl, and Highlights.


4.  Let them use the computer/library to research topics of interest to them. 


5.  Find mystery or puzzle books which encourage children to solve a mystery through clues in the text.  THE ELEVENTH HOUR, A CURIOUS MYSTERY: An elephant’s 11th birthday party is marked by 11 games before the banquet to be eaten at the 11th hour, but when the time to eat arrives, the b-day feast has disappeared. Reader is invited to guess the thief.


6.  Let them stay up an extra hour to read before going to bed.


7.  Hook them on a good book series.  They’ll be anxious to finish one story and begin another. 


8. Put a time limit on video game use.


9.  Be a good role model, let your children see you reading.


10.  Read a book before attending summer movies and compare and contrast them.

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  • Howabout for #11….let them not read :)

    It is a very schoolish idea that kids always have to be reading. Reading, like many other hobbies and endeavors, tends to run in cycles for many people. I know that after some intense reading over the winter I didn’t pick up a book for a couple of months. My daughter tends to be the same way. She will spend weeks reading every second, hiding a flashlight under the pillow, and then she won’t pick up a book for a month!

  • thank you for this will be trying many of these with my six year old. at least he loves reading.

  • I think establishing a reading before bed habit is the best way to get a child reading for life. We have always read to our kids at night and now that they are older (7 & 9) they are so accustomed to reading before bed that they love to do so on their own. It’s a great habit that will last a lifetime.

  • What great suggestions, Maggie! These are tried and true in our house and in my twenty-five years of teaching as well : )

  • Excellent suggestions! I would also recommend reading aloud to kids, even after they start to read.

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