“Accidents” in kindergarten

My soon to be kindergartner still has “accidents.”  What should I do when I send him to school?

V.S. Atlanta, GA.

I’m assuming that you’ve already discussed the problem with your son’s pediatrician.  I’d suggest that you pack an emergency change of clothes (shoes and socks too) and wipes in his backpack.  You should let the teacher know from start that the bathroom is an issue.  Many teachers have instructional teaching time when they don’t like students to use the bathroom.  If your son’s teacher is aware of the problem, he or she and your son can work out a plan or private signal for emergencies.

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    In my kindergarten class we see accidents maybe once every few weeks. Our restroom is quite a ways down the hall not right in or adjacent to the classroom. Because of this location, I take the whole class to the restroom at least 6 or 7 times each day. Individual trips are allowed as well. We treat accidents as accidents and don’t make a fuss. All children have a change of clothes, not only for bathroom accidents but also for falling in a puddle, spilling a drink etc. It’s interesting to note that 99% of the accidents occur at recess or during other play blocks. I can’t remember the last time a student had an accident during any teaching time. There are many, many reasons for accidents and a big one is fear – fear of the restroom, fear of flushing, fear of big kids in the restroom, and even fear of accidents. I know and have documented 45 minutes out of class just for trips to the restrooms but it needs to happen. Be sure your child’s teacher has plenty of SCHEDULED restroom breaks and that the children are not afraid to ask for more.

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