YouTube and Teaching Go Hand in Hand

Gueat Post By Heather Smith

New social media tactics can be scary for teachers
to implement who are set in their ways and nervous about branching out into
different realms of teaching. However YouTube has proved to be a significant
source of providing quality information in a succinct and engaging manner that
appeal to the younger generations. Combining a more laid-back and engaging
approach to learning while still imparting crucial information makes it a slam
dunk for educational strategies. This is particularly true for teaching history
or social studies to students.


YouTube is a great treasure trove for history and
social studies teachers because of the wealth of information that is stored
within its video archives. The beauty of YouTube is that there isn’t much that
you can’t find on the website; it boasts a range of video clips from old
commercials to presidential campaigns that can be utilized to really show
students history instead of just reading about it in a text book. You can use
it to pull up different things such as old commercials to illustrate various
points in history and demonstrate how much things have changed and progressed
over the years.

makes it different?

Because most films that teachers show tend to be
feature-length documentary-type films you run the risk of losing a student’s
interest almost immediately. If you think back to your own school days you
probably can remember zoning out during longer films too – it’s almost
inevitable because kids don’t have long attention spans and the videos are
usually less than engaging, focusing more on delivering information than on
being entertaining. YouTube counters this because all the film clips and videos
on it are short and to the point making it hard for anyone to zone out during

to use it?

Using short videos to complement your teaching will
help break up the monotony that most students face at some point during a
lecture or a video. You could be the best teacher in the world and you’re still
going to battle holding students attention spans, but giving them something to
switch over to at different points during the class will help you to keep them
focused and attentive. Even a short, 10 minute clip will give them a
much-needed break from listening to a lecture and will appeal to the different
types of learners in the classroom. Since every student learns differently
appealing to more than one sense will help to capture more students.


Since history is so focused on facts, adding in
video clips will help make these facts more memorable. By supplementing your
classroom lectures with YouTube you will add in some flavor to your lectures
that could be just what you need to regain the interest of your students that
you may have lost through lectures alone.

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