Five Great Conferences for Teachers in 2012

Guest Post by Mary Ellen Ellis

Attending conferences is a vital part of professional
development for educators. At conferences, you have the opportunity to learn
new ways to become a better teacher and to confer with colleagues whom you
normally never see from the seclusion of your classroom. There are so many
meetings for professional educators, that the choice of which to attend can be
overwhelming. Here are five that will surely not disappoint. They run the gamut
from technology to neuroscience and neuroscience to online learning.

The Creativity
Workshop – New York, June 8 – 11 and August 17 – 20

The Creativity
is a unique type of conference targeted at educators. It is designed
to help teachers develop creativity in themselves and in their students. The
organization was founded in 1993 and takes its conference around the world to
inspire thousands of educators. Through exercises, they stimulate creative
thinking to help teachers bring this spark to their math, science, writing, literature,
social studies, and art lessons. Attendees also have the chance to earn credits
from the University of Iowa.

Learning and the
Brain – New York, April 19 and Arlington, VA, May 4 – 6

Teachers can benefit greatly from understanding how the
brain works with respect to learning. The group called Learning
and the Brain
provides connections between educators and neuroscience
researchers. They hold conferences for teachers to get up to date on the
research that can increase the understanding of the role the brain plays in
learning and teaching. The April conference focuses on emotions and how to
utilize them to improve student engagement. The conference in May is about the
research into technology and how it affects the brain.

International Conference on Critical Thinking – Berkeley, CA, July 23 – 26

Teaching students to think critically is an essential part
of education. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked as educators struggle to
teach all the concepts required for a standardized test. The Center
for Critical Thinking
holds an annual conference designed to help teachers
bring this important skill back into the classroom.

Annual Sloan Consortium international Conference on Online Learning – Lake
Buena Vista, FL, October 10 – 12

The Sloan Consortium
is an organization for professional leadership that is dedicated to improving
the quality of online education. Learning online is a relatively new concept,
but more and more schools are using online programs to help students with
varying needs succeed and learn. Teachers who have taught in classrooms for
years are now expected to run online programs for their districts. This
conference is a great way to delve into the world of online learning.

International Society
for Technology in Education – San Diego, June 24 – 27

annual conference
is a great place for educators to convene and discuss the
role and use of technology in learning. Using technology in the classroom is on
the rise and changes every day. Teachers must keep up to date with these
changes to provide the best learning environment for their students. ISTE
brings together the leaders in technology education to provide the most current
information and research.

Mary Ellen Ellis is a
science teacher who writes for Teacher Certification Degrees, a teaching career
site providing information on
how to become a teacher
in your state, education degree programs by state, and interviews with

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  • Don’t forget about Podstock! It is a great 2 day conference to get energized for the upcoming school year! July 18-20.

  • This is really the 4th article, of your website I browsed.

    However I love this specific one, “Five Great Conferences for Teachers in 2012 | Classroom Talk” the most.
    Thanks ,Rita

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