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Hand Print Heart

valentine heart

I love his simple project. It’s perfect for Grandparent’s, Mother’s/Father’s Day and of course Valentine’s Day too! Trace a heart on construction paper. Paint your child’s hands and make two hand prints. Let them use white glue to attach tissue paper around the  heart shape.Related Posts:Tips for the First Day of SchoolSocial Media as a Teaching ToolApps that Help Kids with GSPThe 10 Most Common Teacher Complaints Against iBooksThree Tips for Successful Teacher-Parent Conferences


What Makes Kindergarten Teachers Crazy?

Guest Post By: Susan Case Cure a Kinder Teacher’s Pet Peeve  What is your five-year-old’s favorite word? Their name! Help them learn how to print it with only the first letter capitalized. Many children enter kindergarten knowing how to print their name – but it is in all caps. This is frustrating to the teacher because she must …Related Posts:Puppets: A Fresh Approach to Storytelling Ways To Raise a WriterThe 40 Best iPad Apps for [...]


Five Ways to Read with Your Toddler

Try to read books with your child every day, even if it is only for a short time.  Books can become a source of comfort and are a great way to wind down, share cuddle time and make the transition to bedtime or a nap.  But don’t just rely on books; employ reading moments throughout …Related Posts: Great Educational Gifts For Kids of All Ages In a Tight Economy What Every Kindergartner Needs to KnowTips [...]


When Your Child Needs to be Retained

Just read your article on retention. My son is a kindergartener this year and is performing below grade level. His birthday is 3/28, so he has turned 6. We have decided based on emotional maturity and his academic performance to retain him. Here’s the problem… He is a very anxious …Related Posts:Retention: A Gift of TimeEasy Learning Games Using Magnetic Letters Tips for the First Day of SchoolHelping Your Child Transition from Easy Readers to [...]


Ways To Raise a Writer

Ways to Raise a Writer:  If you want your child to write, motivate him with a designated area and his own special tools and materials.  Put together a “Writer’s Box” with the items listed below and designate a quiet place with a good solid writing surface somewhere in the house as, “The Writer’s Corner.”   Stock the Box …Related Posts:Your Child’s Writing LifeWhat Makes Kindergarten Teachers Crazy?How To Memorize Spelling WordsPuppets: A Fresh Approach to Storytelling [...]


Why Learning Sight Words is Important

  I think that it is very important that parents and teachers of reading embrace the idea that the more strategies a beginning reader has, the faster the learning process will be. To quote from the Journal of Educational Research: The most convincing rationale for teaching sight words is that if they are well selected they will, …Related Posts:All About Learning Sight WordsHow To Memorize Spelling WordsHelping Your Child Transition from Easy Readers to Chapter [...]


Building Your Child’s Vocabulary

Whether it be in the mall, on the beach, or on the sidewalk, I’m thrilled whenever I hear parents interacting and engaging their babies and toddlers in conversation. Even if children can’t talk back, speaking to them from the moment they pop out into the world (some say even before that) will enhance their vocabulary …Related Posts:Hand Print HeartWhat Makes Kindergarten Teachers Crazy? Five Ways to Read with Your ToddlerWhen Your Child Needs to be [...]

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