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Calming An Aggressive Child

My four year- old son is really aggressive when I take him on play dates. He pushes other kids down and takes toys from them without asking. Any suggestions? Consistency is the key to good behavior.  Every time you observe these aggressive actions stop what you’re doing and pull him out of the situation for a …Related Posts:Hand Print HeartWhat Makes Kindergarten Teachers Crazy? Five Ways to Read with Your ToddlerWhen Your Child Needs to [...]


What Every Kindergartner Needs to Know

To be ready for kindergarten children should master these skills before starting school: 10. Hold a book properly; 9. Hold a pencil or crayon and write with it; 8. Recognize the numbers 1-10; 7. Count up to 10 items; 6. Sort items by color, size, and kind; 5. Follow routines and two step directions; 4. Work and get along with other children; 3. …Related Posts: Five Ways to Read with Your ToddlerTips for the First [...]

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