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Ideas for Teachers/Parents

Robot Picture

If you’re a teacher out there with a unique idea that you use in your classroom, please share it at    I’d like to get an elementary, middle school and high school page going. Thanks for reading!  Maggie Robot Unit My primary unit on robots is a class favorite every year.  The “engineers” in my class design …Related Posts:Three Tips for Successful Teacher-Parent ConferencesYouTube and Teaching Go Hand in Hand Hand Print Potholder: An Easy [...]


Teacher Trouble

  My 9 year old has always been in the “smarter” classes for his grade, always student of the month good citizenship and frankly the teachers pet. last year 3rd grade he had a young teacher whose communications with us were extremely lacking even though we tried, he made it through the year and we were …Related Posts:Three Tips for Successful Teacher-Parent ConferencesIdeas for Teachers/Parents 10 Ways to Tick Off Your Child’s TeacherPhonics vs. Sight [...]


Is Your Child Gifted?

My daughter has been reading since she was 4. She is 6 now and reading way beyond her classmates. I think that she is gifted and want her tested. My daughter’s teacher says that there isn’t a gifted program for 1st graders. What should I do? Reading at an early age is wonderful but doesn’t necessarily …Related Posts:Ideas for Teachers/ParentsTeacher TroubleMeeting the Needs of Your Gifted Child

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