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Puppets: A Fresh Approach to Storytelling

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                                                                                                                                    PUPPETS! Puppets can be a great way to encourage children to invent stories. You can purchase them or make sock or paper bag puppets at home. Your local library should have some interesting craft books on a variety of puppets that kids can create. Use a large box to make and decorate a puppet theater, or …Related Posts:What Makes Kindergarten Teachers Crazy?The 40 Best iPad Apps for Young Learners Paint Me a Poem: Poems Inspired [...]


The 40 Best iPad Apps for Young Learners

Guest Post by Jasmine Hall The best way to get your parents to buy you expensive gadgets has always been to really sell the educational value. “But Mom, if you buy me a Nintendo, think about how much my spelling will improve playing Wheel of Fortune.” Of course, these days it’s all about the iPad. For every Angry Birds there’s …Related Posts:The 10 Most Common Teacher Complaints Against iBooksPuppets: A Fresh Approach to Storytelling Social [...]


What Makes Kindergarten Teachers Crazy?

Guest Post By: Susan Case Cure a Kinder Teacher’s Pet Peeve  What is your five-year-old’s favorite word? Their name! Help them learn how to print it with only the first letter capitalized. Many children enter kindergarten knowing how to print their name – but it is in all caps. This is frustrating to the teacher because she must …Related Posts:Puppets: A Fresh Approach to Storytelling Ways To Raise a WriterThe 40 Best iPad Apps for [...]


Great Educational Gifts For Kids of All Ages In a Tight Economy

Here are some gift suggestions which may help you to save money this holiday season on educational gifts for children: 1.  Toddlers – Save that box your ‘fridge came in, or even if you splurge and buy something new, save the large box for your toddler.  A box big enough to climb into is a great …Related Posts:Book Review The Emerald Atlas by John Stephens Five Ways to Read with Your ToddlerTalking to Teachers About [...]


Helping Your Child Learn To Read

I thought kindergarten was all about socialization. However that seems to have changed and learning to read seems to be a priority. What can I do at home to help my son succeed? In addition to the homework assignments your son’s teacher may give him, there are millions of ways in which you can foster your …Related Posts:Puppets: A Fresh Approach to Storytelling The 40 Best iPad Apps for Young Learners What Makes Kindergarten Teachers [...]

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