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How Elementary School Students Eat Lunch

As I walk through the cafeteria each day at school I am often amazed by the home made lunches I see.  A lot of parents obviously feel that a lunch made at home is better than one purchased at school, but sadly this is often not the case.  Busy schedules and an unawareness of proper …Related Posts:Don’t Let Your Child Be A Compulsive Eater


Don’t Let Your Child Be A Compulsive Eater

Guest Post By Alyse Ryan Since obesity is on the rise and recognized by the surgeon general as a nation-wide problem in the United States, it’s crucial to make sure your child doesn’t end up falling into the same unhealthy habits as so many of his or her peers. Compulsive eating is defined as a form …Related Posts:How Elementary School Students Eat LunchTalking to Teachers About Disabilities and IllnessFive Reasons Tweens and Teens Have Problems [...]

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