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Essay writing tips

Guest Post by: Ann Gault Many students struggle with their essay writing because simply, they don’t completely understand what the best way to go about them. Even then, essay writing should not be a difficult task if you follow through with the following advice and tips. Always use active voice As much as possible, when writing an …Related Posts:How to Write an Essay ExamMinimal Marking: A Humane and Practical ApproachDos and Don’ts in Writing College [...]


Minimal Marking: A Humane and Practical Approach

Guest Post By: Aniya Wells In the time we’ve spent on the student end of the student-teacher relationship.  We’ve all had the experience, even the smartest among us. The teacher hands back an assignment to the class, and before you can even flip to the last page and check your grade, your heart sinks. Your essay is covered in corrections …Related Posts:Essay writing tipsHow to Write an Essay ExamDos and Don’ts in Writing College Application EssaysHow to Succeed [...]


Your Child’s Writing Life

Guest Post by Dawn Little Literacy Toolbox Review: Your Child’s Writing Life: How to Inspire Confidence, Creativity, and Skill at Every Age Pam Allyn’s Best Book for Boys was published in May and now her latest, Your Child’s Writing Life (Penguin, 2011) is out.  Her boys book was written for educators, but I found a lot of …Related Posts:Ways To Raise a WriterPuppets: A Fresh Approach to Storytelling Essay writing tipsMinimal Marking: A Humane and [...]


Ways to Use Writer’s Notebooks

  Writer’s notebooks are typically used in the classroom to house ideas, favorite quotes, and just general nuggets of information.  At any time, the information within these notebooks may be turned into a writing piece.  I like to encourage my own children to view writing as a fun, active form of communication.  I also like to encourage …Related Posts:Essay writing tipsMinimal Marking: A Humane and Practical ApproachYour Child’s Writing LifeWays To Raise a WriterHow To Memorize [...]


Ways To Raise a Writer

Ways to Raise a Writer:  If you want your child to write, motivate him with a designated area and his own special tools and materials.  Put together a “Writer’s Box” with the items listed below and designate a quiet place with a good solid writing surface somewhere in the house as, “The Writer’s Corner.”   Stock the Box …Related Posts:Your Child’s Writing LifeWhat Makes Kindergarten Teachers Crazy?How To Memorize Spelling WordsPuppets: A Fresh Approach to Storytelling [...]


How To Memorize Spelling Words

   Tips To Help Memorize Spelling Words:    Look at the word.   Write the word on an index card.   Say the word aloud.   Spell the word aloud.   Write the word five times.   Double check your spelling.   Write the word in a sentence.   Be sure to take a pretest before you take the real test! Related Posts:Ways To Raise a WriterWhy Learning Sight Words is ImportantAll About Learning Sight [...]

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