My daughter has been reading since she was 4. She is 6 now and reading way beyond her classmates. I think that she is gifted and want her tested. My daughter's teacher says that there isn't a gifted program for 1st graders. What should I do?

Reading at an early age is wonderful but doesn't necessarily mean a gifted classification. I have had many excellent early readers with average IQ's over the year. The average IQ is 100. Most school districts require an IQ score of 130 for a gifted classification or 140 for highly gifted. Gifted children often have many other characteristics in common such as a highly developed sense of humor, and a sensitivity to issues beyond their age. Children may be gifted in one academic area but not all. The NAGC (National Association for Gifted Children) website can answer many of your questions.

I believe that you should speak to your school's ESE specialist. There is an initial screening that can be done to see if your daughter is a candidate for a more extensive evaluation. First grade classes are taught with the assumption that children enter reading at all different levels and the high group is often reading at the next grade level. Talk to the teacher about where your child fits into the mix to make sure her needs are being met.