I can not get my two and a half year old son to stay in bed at night.  Do you have ideas for getting kids to sleep in their own bed?

 I’m a firm believer in consistency and structure when it comes to bedtime.  Just like the current advice that’s out there for adults that can’t sleep, children need night time rituals to get them prepared for sleep. 

 Bedtime should be at the same time each night.  Lights should be dimmed in the child’s bedroom in preparation for sleep.  Always put your son to sleep in his own bed.  A special stuffed animal to sleep with, a favorite quiet relaxing bedtime song and a short story will create a comforting atmosphere and a simple bedtime ritual.  If your child still naps, make sure that the naptime is as consistent as possible and not too near bedtime. 

 You’ll find that as your child gets older he’ll expect and look forward to your special time together before bed.