If you want your child to write, motivate him with a designated area and his own special tools and materials.  Put together a “Writer’s Box” with the items listed below and designate a quiet place with a good solid writing surface somewhere in the house as, “The Writer’s Corner.” 

 Stock the Box and/or Corner with items such as:

 1)  Markers, crayons, colored pencils and pens (kids love writing in pen probably because they never get the chance);

 2)  Note pads, accounting tape, a variety of paper, recycled cards, envelopes, old magazines, scissors and glue (to cut out and paste letters);

 3)  White board and dry erase markers and stencils;

 4)  Sheets of paper stapled together to make books out of, and;

 5)  A list of sight words to help inspire the writing process and a picture dictionary.