All too often teachers hear excuses from children for all the reasons that their homework isn’t done.  Ideally homework is assigned to practice new skills that have been learned during the school day.   Homework should be given for an age appropriate amount of time and shouldn’t be considered as “busy work.”

 Here are a few tips that parents might want to adopt in order to improve their child’s homework experience:


  1. Have a designated time each school day when homework is done.  Some children need a break right after school and some do better getting it over with and having the rest of the evening free.
  2. Give your child a quiet study area with supplies they might need.  Include a ruler, calculator, markers, pencils, scissors, glue, etc..
  3.  Make sure your child has a planner at school to copy assignments in.  Encourage neatness in handwriting so that you are able to read and understand what is being assigned.
  4. Use a calendar to record and track assignments that are long term. Practice budgeting time to get large assignments done on time.
  5. Teach your child from an early age that they are accountable for homework not you.  Support your child’s teacher in expecting homework to be done.