When helping your child learn the letters of the alphabet, begin with the lower case letters.  An easy activity game is to make a puzzle name tag.


  1. Write each letter of your child’s name on a separate index card.  Use lower case letters except for the first letter of his name.
  2. Mix the cards up and lay them in front of your child.
  3. Have your child spell his name using the index card letters.
  4. He should name the letters out loud as he places them in order 
  5. Using the index card letters from the completed puzzle as a guide, have him write his name on large lined paper while naming the letters aloud after he writes each one. 
  6. When he has mastered his first name, repeat the process adding the last name.
  7. After he is consistently successful with this process, you may add new word puzzles.  Start with the letters you have already used (from his name) to make new words before introducing one new letter at a time for new puzzles.

 Remember, little hands need fat pencils and markers.  Don’t worry about staying between the lines or letter size at first.  Do encourage a proper grip between thumb and fingers on the lower end of the pencil.  Kindergarten teachers everywhere will silently thank you when your child arrives at school already able to write!