Dear Ocean Breeze,

As you know it’s that time of year again - December.  You and many of your classmates have been asking me a lot of questions this week that I just can’t answer.  It’s not because I don’t want to, but I’ve been asked not to.  When you asked if Santa was real, I wanted to tell you the truth but I’ve been told not to mention Santa, just like I’m not supposed to mention Harry Potter, or good and evil.  If I do, someone’s Mom or Dad will get mad at me, so there’s really no honest way for me to tell you.

 You know Ocean, back in a simpler time, before you were born, when I was first teaching, when boys and girls were named after their parents or grandparents or soap opera stars, not rock stars, fruits, or air fresheners it was okay to talk about Santa.  You couldn’t talk about God, but it was still ok to talk about Santa at school.  All the children knew that in December they had to be very nice, not naughty, and they were all very nice.

 I’d like to tell you that I know for sure that there is a Santa.  As long as I’ve celebrated Christmas, wherever I have been, Santa has found me.  Long ago on white winter mornings when I waited up all night for him, and even now many years later, he has found me.  He has found me in apartments that didn’t have fireplaces, in a place with beaches and palm trees, he has always remembered me.

 Do you know why Ocean?  Why Santa has always remembered me?  He remembers me because I truly believe in him.  If you truly believe, you too will have the magic of Christmas your whole life through.

 One last thing to remember dear Ocean, Santa really does know who’s naughty and nice and he and I are good friends.

 Merry Christmas!


 Your teacher