As I walk through the cafeteria each day at school I am often amazed by the home made lunches I see.  A lot of parents obviously feel that a lunch made at home is better than one purchased at school, but sadly this is often not the case.  Busy schedules and an unawareness of proper nutrition can result in children eating highly processed lunches, filled with tons of additives, salt and sugar.

 If you send your child to school with candy, dessert and a healthy sandwich, guess which gets eaten first?  It’s usually the candy, then the dessert and by the time they’ve added a bag of chips, they are no longer hungry for the sandwich.  Sugar filled fruit drinks that come in pouches top off the meal.  Many of the children are on such a sugar high that they have a hard time concentrating after lunch.  Quite often the children that ate the school lunch (although they’re not perfect either) have an easier time focusing on afternoon academics.

 So tomorrow, when you pack that lunchbox, please think carefully about what you put in it.  Skip the processed and sugary foods.  Instead add fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods.  Buy or fill a thermos with a nutritious drink or send money that is to be used only to purchase milk.  By making only healthy choices available, you’re supplying your child with the healthy building blocks to get through him or her through the school day.