Try to read books with your child every day, even if it is only for a short time.  Books can become a source of comfort and are a great way to wind down, share cuddle time and make the transition to bedtime or a nap.  But don’t just rely on books; employ reading moments throughout the day.  Here are five ways to increase and enhance your toddler’s reading experiences:


1.  Point to the Picture. To help develop vocabulary, ask your child to point to a picture in a book or wherever you might find pictures, which he can identify with a word.  “Can you point at the cow?”  “Show me the dog.”  

 2.   Discuss what’s happening in pictures.  What or who are the items or characters?  Where does the story take place?  What do you think is happening?

 3.   If your child wants to hear the same story or book over and over (and over and over), make the best of it.  Discuss details, ask lots of questions, delve deeper into the details, motives and meaning. 

 4.  By the age of three, many children can begin learning letters and sounds.  Begin with the letters in your child’s name and look for them in books, on signs, in advertisements, on products, etc.

 5.  Start reading environmental print together when you’re out walking or even driving.  You’d be surprised how quickly children can read favorite restaurant, grocery store and department store signs.