Author:  Jim Krieg

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Hello! It’s StorySnoops again, and we are back with another awesome book recommendation for middle grade readers.

Here is the story:

Twelve-year-old Griff Carver may be new to the halls of Rampart Junior High, but he is not new to hallway patrol. He’s been sporting the safety patrol badge for years, which has taught him more than a thing or two about the criminal mind and law enforcement. So when he discovers that the most popular kid in school is also the kingpin in a counterfeit hall pass scheme, Griff will stop at nothing to bring him down. Has Griff Carver finally met his match?

Here is the scoop:

This funny survival story – surviving middle school, that is – features a savvy and snarky young crime-fighter. Told in journal entries, incident reports, and recorded interviews, the book is chock-full of insightful observations about the middle school pecking order and social dynamics. The author expertly creates relatable, authentic characters readers can’t help but recognize–the brainiac, the band kid, the popular guy, the newspaper editor, and the hall monitor.

Filled with middle-school truism and sophisticated humor, Griff Carver, Hallway Patrol may be just what your middle-schooler needs to ease back into the school year.

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-The StorySnoops