Dear Maggie Cary,

I couldn't take my eyes off the book! The characters are very interesting. I think that having Jack, Nina and Dee save Luna from dying with the help of his fairy sister,Lilly, and then having the fairies, Luna and Lily help Jack, Nina and Dee's sister was very compassionate and adventurous. I also love the fairies characteristics, smart, helpful, serious and last but not least caring. Your book has inspired me to read other books you'll write. What a unique and clever way to write a story! The creation of the Crystal Cavern with its magical powers and beautiful surroundings was inviting and breathtaking. The entrance and exit is extremely secret or unbelievably hard to find. A crack in a rock for an entrance, how incredible! Also finding Dee's sister while avoiding danger and predators was very risky. This book is rated one of the TOPS! Looking forward to reading your next book!

Your #1 fan,