Guest Post by Jenny Ellis


So every class has that one student who tends to think they are on the set of Saturday Night Live and feels the need to practice their stand up during your class. Secretly you are chuckling inside but in all seriousness your class clowns antics are disrupting your class. Most of the time the class clown is the kid that all of your students love the most, so being rough on your class clown could turn his/her fans against you. Here are a few tricks to handling that goof ball:

Do not laugh: Whatever you do, do not laugh. Laughing will only encourage that kind of behavior. The funnies may not be a bad thing but there is a time and place for everything. You laughing will only entice your class clown to continue to crack jokes.

Pull them aside: No need to call the class clown out in front of the class. If they are disrupting your class, let them have their moment and then pull them aside with the class is busy on their work. If all else fails, keep them after class to speak with them.

What to say: Most teachers find it easier to inform the class clown that they are not mad but would prefer they kept their jokes outside f the class room. As much as you appreciate a good comedy every now and then you are there to teach them.

Don’t fight comedy with comedy: As much as you want to come back with a clever and quick witted statement or action, doing this will only spark your class clowns comedic fire. They will see this as a challenge and that you accept their clever witty ways. Handle the class clown as you would with a class bully or the class talker, firm but kind.

To keep the giggles and knee slaps to a minimum follow these few funny tips to gain control of your classroom again. Remember not to laugh and be kind to the student, they are children that thoroughly enjoy making others happy and laugh.


Jenny Ellis is a freelance writer, and a regular contributor for aupair jobs. She welcomes your comments at: [email protected]