Guest Post By:  Kate Croston Grammar spelling, and punctuation (more commonly referred to as GSP) are quickly becoming extinct in today’s world of texting, tweeting, and all around internet shorthand that focuses on getting a message across with as few characters as possible. However that doesn’t mean that we need to stop teaching kids about GSP, it just means we need to find new ways to help kids learn these things! The best way to get these valuable writing skills across to them? Through something they already know and love… technology!  And more specifically through apps. By downloading different apps that come in the form of games, they’ll be having so much fun playing them that they won’t even realize they’re simultaneously learning lessons that will improve their skills as budding writers. If you’re looking for the best grammar, spelling, and punctuation apps look no further than these:

Grammar Jammers

This free app uses catchy songs and cartoons to help kids learn correct grammar usage in a way that will ensure they are having fun while learning. At the end of each cartoon there will be a short quiz for kids to take to test them on what they learned. You can download the app for primary education, elementary education, and middle school education.

Licking Letters

Hoppy the Frog will distract your kids  from even realizing that they’re learning spelling as he licks letters into words. For only $0.99 your kids will be enthralled for hours playing this game and learning how to spell 150 different words. This game is perfect for kids ages 2-7.

Grammar OK – Punctuation

Complete with 74 different lessons and more than 300 punctuation and writing examples your kids will be mastering grammar and punctuation in no time at all. The app is broken down into a variety of different sections so they will learn a wide and varied range of common and less common punctuation errors, and is well worth the $2.99 price tag.

A1 Spelling App Free

Children will master over 150 words spread out into six different categories, and all for free! A1 Spelling App helps kids start with easier words and gradually move onto more difficult ones as they master each word. It’s perfect for kids in the early stages of learning spelling.

Rainbow Sentences

A little pricier than the other apps at $7.99, this app is definitely worth spending the extra money. It is the catch-all for teaching kids correct grammar, and works by color-coding different parts of sentences with the who, what, when, where and why sections so that users learn the various components of sentences and why they go where they do.

With apps ranging from free to $8 there is an app for everyone’s price range. Your kids will love learning as they play these different apps, and will come out far ahead of their peers when the time comes for testing their grammar skills. Since children’s writing is suffering right now because of the prevalence of social media shorthand it’s important for us to take preventative measures early on!

Author Bio:

Kate Croston is a freelance writer, holds a bachelors degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. She writes guest posts for different sites and loves contributing business internet service related topics. Questions or comments can be sent to: katecroston.croston09 @ k.