1. Personal Hand Sanitizer It's likely to be a bad flu season. Teach your child to use it frequently and always before lunch and after recess.

2. Antibacterial Wipes Do the poor teacher a favor and send a container to school so she can wipe off desks and other germy surfaces in the classroom.

3. Label Maker Label every lunch box, book bag, sweatshirt and notebook with your child's name. It will save you a fortune in lost supplies!

4. Two Pocket Folder Label it for homework and other important papers brought back and forth from home to school.

5. A Regular Backpack Stay away from rolling backpacks. Many schools do not allow them as kids trip on them when changing classes and there's no room to store them in the classroom.

6. Old Fashioned Pencil Sharpener Many teachers don't allow their students to use an the electric pencil sharpener due to noise.

7. A Playground Ball or Jump Rope School districts are cutting back and teachers often pay for outside play equipment.

8. Change Purse Lunch money has a way of disappearing so keep it in a safe place. A small change purse on a necklace is the best way to go for younger children. Then they won't forget their purse and throw it out with their lunch tray.

9. $5.00-$10.00 Gift Card for the Teacher Teachers spend a lot of their hard earned salary each year on your child. A gift card to a store that sells classroom supplies will enable the teacher to better equip the classroom.

10. Your Time Even if you are a busy working parent put aside one day or night per school year to volunteer to do something that that will help your child's teacher. The value of your time is priceless!