1. Get to school on time. If school starts at 8 am its starts at 8 am. Children that are even five minutes late miss important directions and interrupt others that have gotten to school on time.

2. Check to see if your child has homework. Then make sure that they do it. Then check it to make sure that it was done correctly.

3. If your child is sick keep them home. Have a back up plan. If your child is going to be out for a few days pick up missed work from the teacher.

4. Get organized. Write assignments for class projects on the family calendar. Have a basket by the front door for books, folders and papers that need to be returned to school.

5. Plan lunches, outfits and play dates the night before so that mornings become stress free for everyone.

6. Make sure that your child has an age appropriate bedtime.

7. The school year is almost half over. Check in with your child’s teacher to schedule a conference and see what skills you need to help them work on.

8. Don’t ask your child’s teacher how they are doing when the teacher is at dismissal or you’ve dropped your child late to class. Make an appointment.

9. Try to attend a parent workshop. If your school offers extra help and your child needs it find a way to take advantage of it.

10. Volunteer to help out in the classroom, attend a field trip or do prep work at home if you can’t make it to school because of work.