Learning how to classify, sort and form patterns at an early age gives a child a jump start in math before they even enter elementary school.  Here are three easy activities that you can do together at home.

1.  Sorting.  Let your child help out by sorting laundry, for example, matching and pairing socks by size shape and color, and by sorting laundry by family member.

2.  Helping to put away silverware by type and size (forks, spoons and serving pieces, not knives).  Learn how to set the table properly.

3.  Playing with patterns.  Make and repeat patterns of two, three and four objects. Use silverware and other household items.  Progress to making patterns using colors and numbers.  Blocks and bead necklaces are fun to work with.  Make your own pasta shaped necklaces using food coloring and alcohol, allow to dry, and make patterns on string.  http://www.makeandtakes.com/coloring-pasta-making-necklaces