Guest Post by Lori Ferguson

Kids are by nature curious…who hasn’t made a remark to a child only to be met with the quizzical “WHY?!”  Their young minds are growing and the “what, why and how” of things are perpetual sources of fascination.

So why not harness that energy and enrich their minds with a great non-fiction book?  When choosing non-fiction for children in the 3-7 age range, think about:

  • The storyline/content of the book--will it captivate the listeners (and you, since you’ll likely be the one sharing the book with the children)?
  • The illustrations or photographs—does the book lend itself to multiple uses, for example can the images and text not only impart information but also be used as a springboard to launch other discussions with children and stimulate their imagination?
  • Accessibility—can children relate to the information being given?  While you certainly want to give children new knowledge, it’s also nice to build upon their existing knowledge base and allow them to go deeper into a subject.  You’d be surprised at the information a young mind can store!  My 3-year-old niece can cite an amazing array of facts about an unsightly bird called a Cassowary.
  • Depth—is this a book that children will enjoy reading more than once?
Just because it’s non-fiction, doesn’t mean it’s boring!

Lori Ferguson is the author of a series of environmentally conscious eBooks for children and a partner in Bookpx.  She also offers writing and public relations support to clients through her consulting business, In Your Words.